The Librarian of Basra

The Librarian of Basra by Mark Alan Stamaty

Tales of war and destruction are many: loss of precious life and of things people hold dear.
This is the true story of one woman's incredible (and incredibly successful) rescue, from the flames of war, most of the books, "more precious to her than gold", from a world famous library, at the cost of her health and almost of her life.

Are books really worth saving at such a cost? She and her neighbours and friends thought so.
How they managed, in war torn Iraq, under the noses of the occupiers and with no help from the authorities, is a thrilling and inspiring saga of courage and fortitude. Fortunately she had a car, but imagine the effort of transporting a library of books, secretly, firstly over the 7-foot wall of a neighbouring restaurant and then to her own little home until there was hardly enough room for them to breathe. Now "she waits and dreams of a new library...but (for now) the books are safe... with the librarian of Basra."
The gorgeously illustrated clear text will delight the hearts of children, stimulate their imagination and – perhaps most important of all – make them hate war.

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