sadbookThe Sad Book by Michael Rosen

Should children sometimes be confronted with the sad realities of life – and death? Michael Rosen, the well known broadcaster and children's author, portrays his own sadness at the loss of his child – and how he tries to cope with it. In a series of superbly drawn caricatures and poignantly written texts, he takes us through his many moods and activities.
Sometimes he wants to talk to someone about it. His mum's dead so he can't talk to her. He finds someone else. Sometimes he doesn't want to talk about it at all. "The sadness is mine and no-one else's."
He does all sorts of things. No doubt writing books for children helps but, strangely, that's one thing he doesn't mention. Sometimes he's unpleasant and unfair (especially to the cat!). Or he tries to do something he's proud of, or thoroughly enjoys, like watching football on the telly.
What, where, who is sad? he asks. It's everywhere, "it comes along and finds you." Looking at things and remembering things is also part of it: playing with his son (the one who died) birthday parties, especially birthday parties.
The book may depress but it shows the necessity of living with and coping with life's misfortunes. It is well worth a read.
A story to inspire old and young alike. A riveting read.

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